My First Tattoo Experience!

Hi guys so you may have spotted on instagram and I mentioned before but I got my first tattoo! I was so excited and I’m so happy with it so I thought I’d share with you the process of getting it done and aftercare and what not!

We got to the tattoo place and they told me to sit and wait for my tattoo artist to finish up with the design and what not and she came over with a form for me to fill out with my details and to sign basically to say I wouldn’t sue and I knew all the risks associated and she showed me the design she’d drawn and I made a couple of changes to the amount of birds, the feather and the size of the design and then she put the stencil on my shoulder, she did put it further over than I wanted the first time so she moved it to the edge of my shoulder blade and once I was happy with the placement I went and sat down for her to start!

I started out leaning against a back rest but sitting up and she started doing the tattoo, to start with it was all fine but then I started feeling very dizzy and very faint so she stopped tattooing for a few minutes whilst I had a drink and they gave me some chocolate (always welcomed!) and then I decided to change positions so I was laying down on my stomach and that was far better because it meant that I wasn’t holding myself up which I think helped the pain and the whole experience.

In terms of pain, everyone tells you that it’s not as bad as you expect it to be pain wise, in my opinion when I got mine that is so wrong! It was every bit as painful as I expected it to be! For me it felt like when you’re near people drilling into the ground and you feel your bones vibrating alongside being cut with a scalpel. It was pretty bad! Having said that the pain was entirely worth it for the end result and it’s definitely not bad enough that it’s going to put me off getting more!

In terms of after care, she taped some clingfilm over the top to keep it clean and protected for the first 6 hours for the first couple of days it was still pretty tender but I was told to wash it with warm water and cleanex for the first 4-7 days until it started to scab over and flake off (which it has now done) and then rinse it with cold water before letting it air dry and then putting a tiny bit of cocoa butter on it to keep it moisturised but avoid smothering it. Now that it’s starting to flake off they suggest to stop washing it specifically (obviously continue just washing yourself normally in the shower!!) and just to moisturise it twice a day until it is fully healed (for another week or so). The only things they said not to do was no swimming, no sunbathing/sunbeds, and not to immerse it in water for longer than needed to wash it! Also they mentioned (about 8 times!!) not to pick or scratch at the tattoo as this would stop it from healing properly and might mean the colour comes out etc.

Over all I am super happy with the tattoo and how it’s turned out! I’ll definitely be getting more as soon as I can afford it as they’re not cheap! (This one cost £80) I’ve already started planning more and I can’t wait!

Do you have any tattoos?

What’s in my make up bag?

Hi guys, for todays post I thought I would show you whats in my every day make up bag because I did do a post a while a go but it has changed a little bit (although not massively!) so I thought I’d do an updated what’s in my make up bag!


  • Lush Mint Julips Lip scrub
  • Hair slides and hair ties
  • Mememe lip glide: playful peach
  • cocoa butter vaseline
  • Maybelline baby skin: warm apricot
  • Kiko eyeshadow (for filling in my brows): 123
  • Rimmel London Stay matte pressed powder: 005 Silky beige
  • Maybelline Colour sensational lip stick: Pink punch 175
  • Maybelline Dream matte mouse foundation: 05 Porcelain
  • MUA eyeshadow palette: Undressed
  • Tanya burr Mini mirror
  • Benefit They’re real mascara: black
  • Make up revolution focus and fix concealer: 08 medium dark
  • Sleek blush: Rose gold
  • GOSH kabuki brush
  • ELF small stipple brush 
  • Wilko powder brush
  • ELF blending eye brush
  • Avon small angled brush
  • ELF Eyelash and brow wand
  • Tanya Burr mini nail file
  • Nicka K Airbrush blending sponge

Thats everything in my make up bag! Whats your favourite product in yours?


Product Empties | March

Hi guys! For todays post I am going to shop you my empty products for the month, theres not very many at all but I thought I’d share them anyway (if nothing else I was missing a post this week so here you go!)

First up is a hand soap and this is the care moisture plus hand soap which I like, it’s not my favourite but it is moisturising and thats good enough for me. Another pretty boring thing I finished up was a Nivea anti perspirant stick deodrant and I liked this although I did find that it was really bad for leaving white marks and so I’d have to be really careful putting this on after my top and if I put it on before I’d have to wait a little bit so it could dry slightly which wasn’t ideal but I did like the smell and it was good enough.

Next up I finished two shower gels, firstly the soho soap co coconut paradise shower gel which I loved because I love coconut scents and this was very moisturising and lovely. It was also a really good size for taking it away with me. The last product I finished up this month was my soap and glory clean on me shower gel which was one of the most moisturising shower gels I’ve used, I loved it and it lasted so long because it had the pump so I didn’t end up pouring it all down the drain!! I don’t go mad for the scent like everyone else seems to, I like it but it’s not my favourite!

Planner Spread | April 4th – 10th

Hi guys! Todays post is my planner spread! This one is a little different to most because I used so many different stickers, also it’s my first glossy spread! I used a printable kit for this spread, I was planning to use this for a mock spread but once I started cutting out the stickers I decided that I liked them so much that I would use them in my actual planner.


The kit I used: My Planner Envy

Bottom Washi and trainers: Callie rose Co

To do headers and pattern washi headers: Planner prints Co

Blank to do headers, little things headers and tassel banner (monday): Oodle ma doodles

Suitcases: Plump planner

Princess stickers and planner sticker: Anxiety aids

Bird, bow, toadstall, leaves, star, yellow heart, flower hanging basket and bow: Wilko princess sticker book

Welly boots: Chocho and mimi

Gas sticker: Candy pink designs

Pencil sticker: Planner Stickies

Month in Review | March

Hi guys! Can you believe it’s already April? No, me neither! Having said that I wanted to yet again look back at the last month and all the things that made it special and in March, there were a lot of them!

The first really exciting thing that happened in March was that I ordered and received my Erin Condren planner, I’ve really wanted this planner since I started planning and so I was super excited to finally get one! I wrote a review of the planner here and I’m loving it!

March is a month full of birthdays in my family with my best friends mum, my granddads wife, my dad, my brother, me, my sister, my sister in law, one of my best friends and a bunch of family friends – it’s wild! It was really nice to see everyone and catch up for everyones birthdays plus I love picking out and sending people cards because it’s nice to show you’re thinking of them!

Of course as I mentioned once or twice, I finally turned 18 in March! If you’re interested to see what I did on my birthday take a peek here but I had the most fantastic day and it was great to spend time with my family and friends and I felt very special🙂

A couple of days after my birthday, I also passed my driving test! Check out how that experience was here but without giving away any spoilers – I was pretty excited!

To celebrate my birthday, my family and I had a lovely birthday meal at a little pub in Cambridge where the food was super yummy and then to top the evening my brother and I played our partners in a game of foosball and guess what – you guessed it – we smashed it! (Ish… Realistically it was my sisters sporadic input that brought it home!)

Because, as I said, it was my sisters birthday in the same week as mine, my boyfriend, sister and I headed to London for the day to do some shopping as my sister was desperate to go to the big Lush shop on Oxford street so we did some shopping and had some lunch and had a very fun day!

Once we came home from London we headed out to celebrate my birthday with some adult beverages and dancing which of course was super fun and I had a great time with our friends!

March also brought us easter this year and when am I happiest if not when I’m stuffed with chocolate! For Easter this year my boyfriend and I headed to his dads for the weekend and we had a super time drinking, walking and learning to play poker (and it turns out – I’m not so bad!) 

The final thing that really made my March was that I got my first tattoo! I am going to do a post this week about how that was so I won’t go into details but I’m super happy with it and can’t wait to get my next one. If you want to know what I got and can’t wait till Friday – check out my instagram! (@alicerpercival_)

What was the highlight of your March?



Etsy Sticker Haul!

Another month, another Etsy sticker haul! This haul isn’t a bunch of stickers I ordered all at the same time this time, this is a haul of stickers I’ve ordered over a few weeks! I have ordered from four shops in total and I’ve order a bunch of different things so I’m really excited to share them with you! Some of these things might have already cropped up in planner spread photos since this is a haul of stickers that I’ve bought over the month!

The first shop I ordered from was a shop I haven’t purchased from before but I have had a look at a few times, if I’m honest the reason that I didn’t buy before is because I felt like the stickers were a bit expensive which is something I find with lots of etsy shops but I decided to give it a go and I used a 10% off code from instagram. The shop is called Chocho and Mimi and I ordered three sheets of stickers in total.

I chose the March weekly kit which had a huge range of different stickers on it in the march colours with a bit of a St Patricks day theme, this sheet was £2.49 and I think you got a fair few stickers on it. The next sheet I order was the Weekend sampler sheet because again you got a range of different stickers which I think it’s always nice to try a bunch of different stickers to see how you would use them before buying a whole sheet! This sheet was about half the size of the march sheet and was £1.89. The last sheet I picked was a colourful label sheet which came with loads of different coloured labels which I always use in spreads because lots of weekly kits don’t come with labels to mark things down and you tend to get mostly half boxes and occasionally little things style labels. This sheet was about A5 size like the march sheet and was also £2.49.

I also got a freebie sheet with this order as well as a thank you note which was a really nice touch. I was really impressed with the freebie sheet as it was the same size as the weekend sheet I bought and again had a range of really useful stickers on it. I’m so happy with the stickers, they’re all really nice quality and although they weren’t the cheapest, they weren’t bad compared to some shops and for the quality and the service I’m really impressed and I definitely will be ordering again. I’m not sure if she does the monthly sheets every month but I hope she does because that has come in super useful this month when I need a sticker to fit in with the monthly colours it always seemed to be on that sheet!


Total cost (Inc. shipping): £6.92

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Book Review: Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone

So before you go crazy and lose your mind thinking that I haven’t read this before now: CALM DOWN. After being very ill and doing a harry potter movie marathon I’ve decided to read the books again for the third time but since I’m trying to review the books I read this year I thought I’d do a review even though I’ve read it a few times.

First off, if you’re reading this because you’re considering reading the harry potter books or if you just haven’t read them yet in general – fix that! You must read them, this review is pretty much just for the first book but they’re all amazing so whatever you’re into, give the series a go!

The book starts in privet drive which is where Harry’s very ‘normal – thank you very much’ aunt and uncle live. When Petunia’s sister Lilly dies, Petunia and Vernon end up taking in Harry and ‘looking after’ him. In the run up to Harry’s 11th birthday he receives a series of letters which he never gets to read due to Vernon taking extreme measures to keep them away from him and even going to stay on a tiny island in the middle of a choppy  sea however when the letters aren’t getting to Harry, Hagrid comes and delivers it himself. The letter (and Hagrid) explains to Harry that he is in fact a wizard and that his parents weren’t killed in a car accident like Petunia and Vernon said however they were killed by one of the most powerful bad wizards of their time which also happens to be how Harry got his scar..

As you go through the book you learn about Harry and who he is and why he is so well known in the wizarding world. When Harry goes to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry he meets other witches and wizards and becomes close friends with Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger who, together, face their share of challenges such as trolls  and three headed dogs!

I would highly recommend this book and the whole series in general because as good as this book is, it’s really nice to see the progression of the characters and see their adventures and purpose as you go through the series.

As I already said – no matter how old you are, your gender, etc.. If you haven’t already read the Harry Potter books, do it!